The Blonde on the Prairie -The Season of Shadows

The Season of Shadows

Surreal moments are sure real. Driving home up the long, gravel country road~I looked over to my right and saw me and my shadow in the wheat field. I was driving alone but I felt very UN-alone. The shadow of me in my vehicle felt as if it was transporting me into the light. 🙂 I live for the light! And while I’m living for it- I watch my shadow in it. You can too!

First of all-allow my introduction if you please. My name is Jodi Rae Ingstad but you can call me, “The Blonde on the Prairie.” I live on a remote, prairie meadow hill above the Sheyenne River Valley. I can see for over 20 miles from my hill -making the change of seasons appear like a Supertron movie screen before me. Beware-I’m overly-perkily enthusiastic about weather. I’m pretty certain my enthusiasm comes from being nothing but grateful. Either that or I was conceived during a weather event and it’s in my DNA. 🙂 Whatever it is-I’m enthused to be able to share my view with you here. So-I invite you this perfect autumn evening in North Dakota to go out and dance with your own shadow. Experiment with how the position of the setting sun elongates parts of you. Look over your shoulder and see what you see. Let your real eyes realize. There’s lots to see and new perspectives to acknowledge. Better hurry! In a few blinks our background will change. White will soon appear. Have no fear! There is joy in all of that! We’ll find it together!

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Jodi Rae Instad-aka: "The Blonde on the Prairie" - Just a blonde living out her days overcoming all adversity with humor, laughter and learning. Follow her to gain insight, walk in wonder and wallow in wit. She remains perky believing that every situation can be flipped, just like a pancake-from horrible to hilarious!-So walk with her as she attempts to survive her existence on the remote, North Dakota prairie.

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