~*Look Behind to Autumns Past*~

Look Behind To Autumns Past

Almost a year ago to this day I snapped this photo.  It all happened quite by accident teaching me that there really are no accidents. There are just winks from the universe proclaiming that all is well and right and just the way it’s supposed to be for the moment you’re living in.   I was zipping around on my prairie meadow hill in my convertible PT Cruiser with the top down.  I was hurried and scurried to get home to my cabin.  I felt stressed and just knew there wasn’t enough time in the day to accomplish the plethora of things I had decided just HAD to get done this day.   I’ve driven this hill time and time again -always moving forward with an agenda.  The agenda is always to get home and get busy.   I had gotten just 1/2 way up the hill  -my CD player was blasting Italian music by Andrea Bocelli.  Though I was singing along in Italian my mind still danced with my “To do” list. I was multi-tasking; adding to my already too-full list with complicated things that couldn’t get done this day even if I tried. “Con te partiro,” I sang as if Andrea was next to me in my vehicle. For some reason I glanced in my rear view mirror. A blonde driving with the top down should never slam her brakes on while going uphill on gravel. But this one did.  I had no control over what hit my spirit nor was I familiar with the force of what hit.  As the dust of the gravel settled I unbuckled myself to make sure that what was in the rear view mirror behind me really existed.   I had just driven through it but didn’t notice it.  Now far up the hill I was in disbelief at its wondrous magnificence.  We learn in life NOT to look back. “Go forward, look ahead, move on,” the motivations speak.  But what if in order to move ahead with love and understanding, with gratitude and forgiveness we must look back to acknowledge something beautiful. As my hurried, scurried day ticked away -when I took the time to look back -my breath slowed. My mind cleared. I didn’t just know-I had a “knowing” -a solid emotion to base the rest of my life on. Autumn was behind me and winter was near. I had no fear because I knew I could look behind me again this year. And so I will.  “Con te partiro” (literally meaning, “With you I will leave”)-the Andrea Bocelli CD sang.  The current temperature today is 51 delightful degrees.  Let’s together leave to recognize the leaves-the trees and sights of things behind and in front of us.  For when we do-together-we are alive and living. *Happy Autumn!*

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