“Burning Desires”

As I type..it is 24 degrees (F) though it feels like 16 degrees.  That’s not very many degrees in a world where just a bit ago I was complaining about 93.  Never one to complain because that never gets me or you very far -I threw a log in the fire.  Granted -it’s not a real, wood log. I ran out already.  All I really need to do is go outside my cabin door and chop down some more but I haven’t had my coffee yet.  For such instances I keep boxes of the “fake” logs handy. They burn approximately 4 hours which gives me ample time to get all gussied up for my time with the chain saw.  More than that-these fake logs give off the most tantalizing, seductive orange flames. Despite it being only 24 degrees this morning on the prairie (though it only feels 16 degrees due to other factors) -I am burning *HOT* with desire!  The flames arouse memories in me -stimulating me to the anticipation of thick, woolly sweaters made of mohair and wool. My collection of vintage 1940’s coats tease me just for the peek I take at them hanging there.   My bin of mittens and muffs, scarves and gloves stick their pointer finger up and begin wiggling it as if to say, “Here Jodi, Jodi, Jodi!”  Silly accessories.   Don’t they know I burn equally with desire for all of them? It will take no coaxing.  I am primed just by the numbers falling on the thermometer!  This is the season that husband of mine gets to smell me in the scent I chose as my favorite. From this date until May I will no longer smell like “Obsession,” “Addict by Dior” or “Beautiful.”  My scent is called, “Campfire.”  It’s natural and woodsy and it’s all I got. I hope that husband of mine burns with desire for me smelling like this-like I burn with desire over dancing flames, woolly sweaters and winter. Do you love winter?  Do you love parts about winter? What do you look forward to? …or not.

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