Remember -just look *up!*

Remember to look *up!*

It’s 7:14 in the morning as I drink my coffee outside. I’m 10 miles north of Valley City on my prairie meadow hill overlooking the vast Sheyenne River Valley.  The weather is anything but “extreme.” It is 29 pleasant degrees with little to no wind.  I spend time in this very place every single day I’m home at my remote cabin.  I’m rarely awake outside at 7:14 in the morning this time of year so my view has changed since summer’s delight.  I walked to my place and just like I always do-I looked down *into* the valley.  It’s as if it was shadowed in dark and I could not see it.  Instead I was forced to look *UP!*

My coffee began losing its steam so I set my cup down to take a quick capture of that which awed me. 
In the sunrise of a morning in late autumn -my real eyes realized that when life has you *down* -the universe has a phenomenal way to force us to look *up!*  
The sun alwasy rises. Even when you can’t see it-it’s there.
Looking down into the valley is a choice. But why would you when looking up yields views so magnificent???
Looking up into the sky may hurt your neck -but the pain is worth it for what you’ll get!
Will you look *up* today?
Share with me what you see!
Up is a great place to be.
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