Stiletto heels? Who needs them when ya got a shadow?”

No need for stiletto heels when you’ve got a shadow to elongate you!

-4 Degrees (f) with the chill of the wind north of Valley City, North Dakota USA this day. Cold air usually means  the “S” word! -SHRINKAGE!  

 …though -in December in eastern North Dakota  with no snow it means the opposite. As fast as I walked up my long country drive I grew and then I grew some more! Dressed in my Eskimo parka -with the company of my walking stick and my shadow -I felt elongated and fine. In such a light I voice with delight, “I do NOT need my stiletto heels!”  My feet feel at ease as I enjoy the breeze -walking without talking -feeling blessed to know that I was chosen to NOT ONLY live, but *LIVE LARGE* this day with no snow in December.

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