Fresh, flannel line-dried sheets on December 26, 2011 in North Dakota! Who would’a thunk it?

Who has ever heard of line-dried sheets in December in North Dakota!?

The day after Christmas 2011 started out excitingly anyway!  I woke up to a cabin of clutter and the energy to attack it.  That husband of mine and I had 3 Christmases.  One in a hotel room -another with a large group of family and then our romantic, alone one sitting Indian-style on our hardwood cabin floors dressed in the red fleece pullovers I bought 8 years ago.  We wear them only while we open our gifts and then they go back into hiding until the next year.  It’s our way of holding on to our own little -albeit-peculiar tradition. We had returned from 2 Christmas celebrations pulling behind us our luggage and boxes full of gifts, the boxes the gifts came in, the bags the gifts came in and our new commercial model Keurig coffee maker not available in stores.

I awoke not noticing the weather.  I was fixated on taking the Christmas tree and all my Christmas decorations down.  I used my old Mr. Coffee in order to bump myself up enough before I began. A blonde living on the prairie without her coffee is much more dangerous than a hungry cougar prancing the prairie looking for meat to eat. I drank  my French Roast and went to work.  That husband of mine would be home soon and I had a whole  ambiance to create!
The new Keurig is such a beautiful appliance that I created an entire room around it. It is too spectacular for even the kitchen-and so: Our little den is now our own personal Starbucks or Dunk’in Donuts or Butter Toffee coffee house!  A green Victorian loveseat greets whoever wants to sit on it while they choose their favorite flavor on the new swivel K-cup holder!  I digress. This is about the extreme weather and not my beautiful appliance.
When my re-arranging and decorating was complete the clock read 1:30 pm.  I peeked out the window, “Hmm? Sun. How fun,” I thought to myself.
I let my lovable little Llasa-poo out to tinkle when lo and behold it was just gorgeous out! I looked at the thermometer and 50 warming degrees showed up. The wind was blowing to beat the dickens (whatever the dickens is.)  I rushed to my marital bed- stripped the matress and pillows naked of the flannel sheets and pillow cases and sprinted to the washing machine. I used hot water with bleach followed up with Snuggle Fabric Softener for softness.  As soon as the beeper of the washing machine alerted me that it as done -I gingerly walked down to the scary basement in our cabin to grab the goods and hang them on the line outside. I can’t remember in my entire lifetime ever being awarded the gift of line-dried sheets in December in North Dakota.  To me-their fresh smell -inducing sure and deliberate sleep was a greater gift than my most gorgeous new Keurig!
Though I love the smell of snow-I cannot sleep in it -like I can my fresh, line-dried sheets in December! Now THAT was some extreme weather because as I prepared to crawl in to my sheets around 10 pm on the same night-I peeked out to see raindrops accompanied by giant, wet and wonderful snowflakes falling from the night sky. I rushed out to stick out my  tongue to catch them. “Mmmm!”  Winter. There is nothing like the taste of winter as I prepare to crawl into my summer smelling sheets with  the promise of awaking to fresh brewed coffee! Keurig and snow. What a dreamy life I live on the North Dakota prairie!
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