The Snowman Knows

The Snowman always knows.

Like a soothsayer, it does. And it did. It knew.  Over three (3) new inches blew to my valley north of Valley City, ND -USA.  The Sheyenne River Valley below me turned into a puritan playhouse of white overnight -giant, elderly evergreens weighed down by the snow that perched upon their needles.  The snowman smiled as if to say, “Happy Morning! It is for me.”  The snowman likes snow. He doesn’t suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder -thankfully. 

It’s a happy morning for me too. The snwoman knows.  He also knows the roads.  They’re icy in places so he’d like to remind you to view the following link before you travel. “Arrive alive,” the snowman warns.   Winter is surely near.

The snowman always knows!

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