How others feel about our weather

Hello All,

In talking today to a repair man who was from another state, the first thing he shared was what a horrible weather experience he had when he was in town last winter.  I immediately became defensive, I mean yes we can have -30 something windchill, yes we have to plug in our cars and walking 5 blocks can become not so safe if we are not dressed for it.  But surely having your breath freeze in your nostrils is a small price to pay for our gorgeous green, spring and summer!  Not to mention the wonderful people who live here.  I am a transplant from the East Coast and have never regretted it!

And what a gorgeous spring /early summer season we are having, even if I can still look out my window and see the porch on the house across the street that is half crushed from the huge tree that almost took out the front of the house, this last windstorm. 

I will not even mention the Red. 

Ahh, Fargo – Moorhead weather!   You gotta love it!